"Big six" domination.
Posted by: Andy Fincher (IP Logged)
Date: 13 October, 2020 14:00

The @#$%& owners of Manchester Urinals and Liverpool have set out a new plan which would give nine premier league clubs the right to decide what happens in the top division. The nine would be the so-called big six (we all know who they are) and the three longest serving clubs of the premier league, currently Everton, Southampton and West Ham. Of these nine that would be allowed to vote on anything, only six would be needed to get it passed, so the big six stick together and get anything they want.
They try to entice the EFL clubs with a one-off £250m payment and then a future percentage but there is no guarantee of this nor do they say how long it will go on for. The Community Shield will be scrapped as well as the League Cup, which will mean another avenue of revenue to EFL clubs cut off.
The premier league would be cut to 18 clubs and eventually no promotion or relegation.
The arrogance of these six is breath-taking. Arsenal didn't even finish last season in the top seven.
The American owners of United and Liverpool want football over here to be run like sport is over there with the same sides playing each other over and over again.
The premier league and FA should grow a pair and tell these two @#$%& clubs that if that's what they want then pi55 off to some tin-pot league in America and play there.
Apart from the Wolves, my interest in football has diminished enough over the last few years and if this nonsense gets the go ahead that will be me finished with it for good.

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: Cheshire wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 13 October, 2020 16:38

Thanks for clarifying the situation so well Andy. I have to say the fight to avoid relegation is often equally as exciting as the fight for the top spot, so to do away with that ultimately would be a poor decision. If they were to get this hold over the PL then we would surely be rapidly heading towards a EuroElite League!

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 13 October, 2020 19:03

A few years ago this attempted premier league coup would annoy me but in the wide scheme of things it barely registers as important and is way down the pecking order for irritating things. We're living in a world that has closed down for a virus that kills people with an average age of 82 with deaths under 65 with people who dont have serious underlying health issues so rare it makes newspapers. People with cancer are now in the terminal stage due to treatment being abandoned so a league with no relegation is small fry in comparison to ridiculous directions society is moving in.

Football used to be enjoyable Saturday afternoons, now its finding illegal flickering streams online that may /may not last for the match. I don't watch any other football other than wolves and even with wolves, find the act of hunting down a stream a chore done out of habit rather than enjoyment. With the way society is going does it really matter ? I realise this is a football board and specifically a wolves one but like many on here, I'd imagine we all have bigger fish to fry

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: Andy Fincher (IP Logged)
Date: 13 October, 2020 20:58

Just one small point. The word that was deleted twice was no more than "5cum".

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: chicagowolf (IP Logged)
Date: 14 October, 2020 07:44

I agree with Andy and Angry about the ‘so what?’ element.
The opportunism of all this is laughable too. I have spent many years suffering ‘football’ in America where all the same teams play next year without fear of the drop, no matter if they lost every game (they even give the bottom teams first pick of the college players to even things up).
These proposals are just the opening shot in negotiations but for the clubs with the money the timing is perfect. Any other time there would be no chance, and these ideas would hang in limbo forever. Not now when the TV-deprived EFL are desperate.
Hate losing the Carabao ( does anyone care about the Shield?) but I think the idea of the sixteenth team in Prem playing off against three from the chump sounds like fun. I remember when we switched from two relegated to three and I always felt it added another layer of uncertainty that hurt the more modest teams.
As for giving more power to the ‘elite’ clubs? We would have to be f...... crazy.

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 14 October, 2020 16:18

Looks like its dead in the water according to the news and Andy is probably right in it being a bad idea but I'm p*ssed off with the way society is going. What tier is Wolverhampton in now under the latest mad idea from the government... presumably if fans are allowed back then ones in tier 2 or 3 will be empty again

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 14 October, 2020 16:19

Covid tier *

Re: "Big six" domination.
Posted by: Ivybridge Wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 14 October, 2020 19:23

“Radix malorum est cupiditas” as Geoff Chaucer once said.

Agreed about the ‘Big Picture’ plan, it appears a dead duck.

There are / were good elements, in particular the support for the pyramid in England, who are as much part of the life blood of football in this country as any other element. There are currently 29 clubs (approx) who have had top flight status in the premier league era who play in the football league - a fact which should not be forgotten.

The stuff about concentrating the voting rights to a small select group of premier league teams was as dreadful as was predictable and would have been capable of undermining any good elements of the plan at any time, thus rendering the plan unlikely to be worth the paper their written on.

It’s a pure greed plan poorly and thinly disguised as some kind of loving altruism.

Indeed football being a cyclical thing, take any era you like - if you’d have changed the rules / voting rights at a particular point in time, this would have spelt disaster for many of the now, so called big 4/6/9 etc.

Not sure about tinkering with relegation play offs, that was tried in the late 80s (it was okay but if you’re not good enough to finish 4th bottom or better, you should go!) and if I had any say I would resist reducing the league to 18. What is the logic? Too many matches? Don’t get me started on that!! 😂

I fear those who value the League cup, people like me, are not those who seem to hold (or at least voice) the majority contemporary view ..... but again, historically it has been a good cup to us and many other clubs and what exactly do we and many other similar clubs think we might ever win, if not the League or FA cup?

Using present day circumstances to make these proposals .... well, that says it all. Rick Parry, Chairman of the EFL. Let me remember, what club used to employ him I wonder ........ hmmmm??


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