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Re: What the f*ck are people even doing still talking about Arsenal here.
Posted by: kamilazhar
Date: 09/11/2017 04:42
celine dion
celine dion
Does anyone on here genuinely give a f*ck about Arsenal any more?
I just cant see how anyone can.

Does anyone genuinely go to a game or turn on the TV and think 'Oh I really hope Arsenal win today?'

I can barely be bothered to watch more than about 20 minutes of any game and if I still lived in London I doubt I would go to any games at all.

What Wenger and the board have done to the club is a travesty, a disgrace. If you DO still feel interested in watching Arsenal, like the rest of us did in the old days, then why? Im honestly interested.

I tell you why. How can any true fan not "genuinely give a @#$%&" about his team? How can any true fan not want the team to win, even after losing 20 consecutive games? Yes, one can be flustered, frustrated, to the point of killing someone or themselves, but thats what being a fan is. Just like you Celine, I supported Arsenal since I was about 11, I am now 45. We didn't always win then, in fact we were 7th in the table when I first supported Arsenal (if I remember correctly). But I watched in a room full of Pool fans when Micheal Thomas scored that winning goal in 89.

Newcastle fans, Liverpool fans, Leeds fans, you see them all at their Stadiums year after year. I am sure they are frustrated, but approach each game, each season with optimism because that's what being a fan is all about. Even when Toon fans hate Ashley, is at war, they still cheer and shout their hearts out like a small kid supporting their school team, even after consecutive losses. Everton fans, the same I'm sure throughout this season. They might be frustrated with the team, management, manager, players, but they love the club.

Because we care so much is why we are still here, still complaining. I don't know about you but Arsenal is my life. I cannot not give a f*ck. Such as that I cannot even bring myself to play another team on Fifa on my Xbox (before it got busted). I will never support another team. If Arsenal cease to exist, I'll stop watching the Premier League, and maybe begin watching Ligue One as a neutral.

You're sort of missing my point though. Yes Everton fans and Newcastle fans might be upset about things or whatever, but their clubs actively change the landscape in terms of ownership and management on regular occasions. Its the fact that Arsenal are being run as a business at the expense of any kind of sporting excitement that has got people like me and quite a lot of other people on here, not giving a flying f*ck what they actually do on the pitch. If Everton had been being managed by, say, David Moyes for 20 years and for the last 15 finished in exactly the same league position whilst showing exactly the same tactical deficiencies whilst their board kept telling them they had never had it so good, whilst hiking the prices up, with all their best players leaving the club, and Moyes talking absolute f(king nonsense to the point that he had become a global laughing stock, then I suspect the same malaise may occur at Goodison Park. But other clubs dont do this, they are in a state of flux, upwards or downwards, and generally speaking they set short term sporting objectives (if you're in the top 6 you try and get in the top 4 the following season, that sort of thing) and then if you dont achieve them, they change the manager. Its short termism, but it keeps the illusion of football being a sport alive. Arsenal are, to my mind, the only club in modern football who are operating PURELY as a business and will then justify this via a combination of propaganda and downright mendacity. They operate in precisely the same way a large train company operates, or an energy firm. Everyone KNOWS that Gas companies pay vastly less for raw gas than what they charge old ladies for gas, and they make their vast profits by confusing everyone with complex tarrifs and bullsh*tting about how much it costs to maintain the gas network. They then try and present themselves as cosy friendly types by making silly adverts involving penguins. Train companies do precisely the same. But everybody puts up with the c***ts because otherwise you would freeze to death and wouldnt be able to go on a train. The difference is, we dont SUPPORT the gas and train companies. We didnt grow up cheering them on as they laid new gas pipes and railway lines and we dont rush downstairs to get the newspaper off the door mat to see how their shares are doing.

But football CANNOT operate like this. It CANT, because it HAS to maintain the illusion of attempting to achieve sporting success. Football is under a microscope like never before, literally everyone has a view on who's good and who is bad, fans globally analyse club and player performances like never before. This leaves Arsenal literally NOWHERE to hide, their business agenda is so GLARINGLY EVIDENT that it has destroyed their relationship with a large group of their fans. If they got rid of Wenger, the spell would be broken, it really is that simple. If the next bloke did sh*te, having set the precedent with Wenger, they would then have to get rid of him. Hey presto, we would be back in the realms of an ordinary football club. With highs, lows, talking points and so on. But until they do this, we are NOT in the realms of other clubs. If you can still cheer excitedly when Mezut Ozil taps a late winner in against Swansea, whilst acknowledging that we are most likely going to get smashed to f*cking smithereens by Man City (or Watford/West Brom) the following week, then good for you. But a lot of people cant be f*Cked. because that late winner against Swansea, to have any context, would need to be LEADING somewhere, but at Arsenal, we all know it isn't leading anywhere at all. I could write a f*cking book on this, I really could.

Why don't you? My kid shared with me a IG post that said "I suspect Arsenal was created as a social media experiment to see how much you can support a club before killing yourself". There's much to say about supporting the Arsenal, Nick Hornby proved that with Fever Pitch. I think maybe we are all mad in our own way, why else do we support the Arsenal?

On your points, Celine, I agree with most of what you said, its all true, and we all know this but like true love, I'm still gonna celebrate the last minute tap-in winner against Swansea even if I know with 100 percent certainty that Arsenal gonna f++k me up tmrw, strip me of all my money & belongings, and ban me for life from the Emirates, make me lose my job, and lose 15-0 at home against Bayern the same week. Its like loving the life of your life, I just can't help it.

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