Music Arsenal Have Run Out To

By SuperRob and Boris
February 17 2020

This discussion was inspired by a request from researchers at Sheffield University enquiring as to what music the Arsenal Football Team ran out to at home. Having followed Arsenal for over 60 years I suddenly realised I couldnt quite remember all the variations.

For instance this Sunday gone v the Magpies we had London Calling, followed by Good Old Arsenal but cut short, followed by something I couldn't make head or tail of that lasted about 45 seconds.

Super Rob posted his view of the playlist below, then Sheffield University gave their opinion see below this

The order here might not be exactly right but a lot of the songs mentioned are played currently at different times before each match

London Calling gets played first about 5 minutes before kickoff
Then they play Good old arsenal for about 30 seconds, but I don't think it's the original version.
Then there's the weird countdown thing before the players come out. I think the Requiem for a dream song gets played before the countdown as the backing track to the montage of previous goals but I'm not 100% sure about that.
I think that while the players are walking out of the tunnel, there is just some strings that's probably just one of those bits of music you can buy to put as backing tracks to videos and stuff
Then Right here right now is played while the line up is being announced.

Then the game starts and we concede a sloppy goal on the counter attack

At highbury the only song I remember them playing was Right Here Right Now. They stopped playing it when we moved to the Emirates which I think was the start of our demise.
the Elvis song was the worst.

"Highbury Sunshine" would be good to hear.

Sheffield view :

Re: Music Arsenal have run out to
joeheadland 15 February, 2020 06:14

Thanks for all your help on this everyone! We're trying to create a rough timeline if you will, of what Arsenal came out to and when.

This is what I've got down currently

40s/50s etc: Metropolitan Police Band (but not as the teams came out!)
Early 90s: The Shamen, Ebenezeer Goode.
Early 00s (while at Highbury): Fat Boy Slim, Right Here, Right Now
00's: Requiem for a Dream, Greg Nash mix
Current: The Clash, London Calling

Any other suggestions, or if you can remember a year something was played/changed, then please send them my way!

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