Seasons 1883 - 1888

Wolves 1883/84
By Badge32
September 10 2016

Wolves was formed in 1887 and played friendlies and local competitions prior to taking part in the FA Cup for the first time in 1883. Five years later Wolves became founder members of the Football League. I will put up all The seasons starting with this one which will focus on Just the FA Cup fixtures from 1883/84 to 1887-88. During these five seasons Wolves played 17 FA Cup games but only ventured past round 3 once. Brodie was the top scorer during this period hitting the net 15 times in 13 games. He was one of three players to get a Hat-trick against Crosswell's Brewery in 1886. Hunter, who went on to score four and Knight was the two others.


Date Comp. Opponents H/A Result Scorers Att.
27/10/83 FAC1 Long Eaton Rangers H 4-1 Brodie(2), J Griffiths(2) 2.000
01/12/83 FAC2 Wednesbury Old Ath A 2-4 Brodie(2) 1,000 
Date Comp. Opponents H/A Result Scorers Att.
08/11/84 FAC1 Derby St Luke's H 0-0   3,000
22/11/84 FAC1R Derby St Luke's A 2-4aet Brodie, Brazier 1,000 
Date Comp. Opponents H/A Result Scorers Att.
31/10/85 FAC1 Derby St Lukes  H 7-0 J,Aston, H.Aston(2), Horton, Brodie(2), H.Wood 2,000
21/11/85 FAC2 Stafford Road H 4-2 J.Aston(2), H.Aston, H.Wood 3,000
12/12/85 FAC3 Walsall Swifts H 2-1 Lowder, Brodie 2,500 
02/01/86 FAC4 WBA A 1-3 H.Aston 5.196
Date Comp. Opponents H/A Result Scorers Att.
30/10/86 FAC1 Matlock             H 6-0 Allen, Hunter, Brodie(2), B.Griffiths(2) 2.500
13/11/86 FAC2 Creswell's Brewery H 14-0 Allen, Hunter(4), Knight(3), Brodie(3), B.Griffiths(2), Law(og) 2,000
11/12/86 FAC3 Aston Villa A 2-2aet Brodie, B.Griffiths 5,000
15/01/87 FAC3R Aston Villa H 1-1aet Brodie 7,000 
22/01/87 FAC3R Aston Villa H 3-3aet Knight, B.Griffiths(2) 6,000
29/01/87 FAC3R Aston Villa A 0-2   11,500
Date Comp. Opponents H/A Result Scorers Att.
15/10/87 FAC1 Walsall Swifts A 2-1 Smallwood(og), Hunter 2,000
05/11/87 FAC2 Aston Shakespeare H 3-0 Hunter, Shaw, B.Griffiths 2,500
26/11/87 FAC3 WBA A 0-2   7,429

 aet = After Extra Time

All stats and Pictures we use in these pages are from the book The Wolves: An encyclopaedia of Wolverhampton Wanderers by Tony Matthews (With Les Smith). We would like to thank the author Tony Matthews for granting us permission to use the items that are featured. I would also like to thank Pat Quirke (Wolves Musuem) and John Hendley (Wolves FC Match Day Editor) for granting permission to use Wolves FC Related pictures and stats.

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