Is DVD racist?

By Micky Monsoon
January 25 2005

Once more Millwall are being labelled racist...this time for shouting "DVD"! Paul Ince of Wolves is the latest to jump on the bandwagon in regard to condemning Millwall. Meanwhile, Liverpool fans get away scot-free after lobbing a mobile phone at Wayne Rooney! Some justice!

Paul Ince has blasted a minority of Millwall fans for what he called "disgraceful" abuse of Wolves' midfielder Seol.

Seol was taunted by Millwall fans throughout Wolves' 2-1 win, and although he played down the subject afterwards, Ince was not so diplomatic.

The Wolves skipper, himself the subject of abuse in the past, suggested it was a return to the bad old days and that anyone dishing out racial taunts should be "slung out of the ground".

While there was confusion over the precise nature of the chanting, Ince makes reference to other comments from the stands, and Millwall have promised to investigate any specific complaints.

"It was ironic that Seol should get the winner because he took stick all game," said Ince.

"The crowd were an absolute disgrace and some of the things that were said I couldn't repeat.

"I thought we'd got away from all those things and for it to happen to someone like Seol is a disgrace.

"But he responded in the right way by putting the ball in the back of the net and ramming the taunts down their throats.

"I'm not saying it was all the crowd, it was a small section who were giving him racial abuse.

"We've worked so hard to eradicate that from football, especially Millwall, who more than anyone are trying to get it right.

"To see what happened on Saturday is going back to the bad times and I wouldn't like to see it again."

There was some bemusement as to what the Lions' supporters were actually shouting, which Millwall themselves have actually investigated.

The consensus appears to be that the chant was 'DVD', in reference to the large numbers of Oriental people who sell DVD's in the area.

"We were aware of the chanting every time Seol got the ball, and have tried to ascertain what exactly it was," explained Millwall press officer Deano Standing.

"The DVD chant is the explanation we have heard, which is a new one on us.

"In reference to what Paul Ince said, we do make a concerted effort to eradicate racial chanting from the game at Millwall.

"And if he did hear other comments from the crowd than we would be glad for him to let us know where they came from.

"Then there is the slight possibility we could find those responsible on CCTV, or at least keep a closer eye on the particular area at the next game."

Ince meanwhile believes the problem could be helped by stronger stewarding.

"People making racial taunts should be slung out of the ground, and I don't care whether it's one person or whether it's 50," he added.

"If you're a steward, and there's four or five stewards there listening to people shouting racial abuse at someone on the pitch, then they should get ejected.

"If they are not brave enough to do that then they shouldn't be doing that job."

Wonder if Ince believes "DVD" is a term of racial abuse?

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