Message Board Tags Help

October 30 2005

Tags and Stuff

Are you struggling with the message board and how to format your text, link to a website or post photographs? Do you know what tags are?

Fear Not, we are providing you with a guide to help you get to grips with the system.

Your message board text can now be formatted by using the icons above the text input area. By hovering your mouse over an icon you can see what it does.

You can either click the icon with no text highlighted, in some cases a pop-up will appear asking you to input relevant information (inserting a link), in other cases the forum will insert the tags with nothing in between, type your text in between the tags (bold).
e.g. with [b][/b] insert your text like so [b]here[/b]

The other option is to highlight text then by clicking an icon, that particular type of formatting will add the formatting. For example highlighting text and clicking the bold button will turn it into [b]text[/b].

Sometimes you may want to insert an image from your PC. A good site to save your image to so it is on the internet is

If the image is too big to appear on the message board (wider than 700 pixels):

Upload to - you can draw a box round the image to just use part of what you've uploaded (cropping), and then set the width to anything below 700 pixels (not percent) and upload it. You'll then have to re-save the image (right click then select save image as), then upload it to tinypic - remember where you saved it when you downloaded the smaller image from

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