1959/60 Series

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May 5 2007


The 1959/60 Championship Series

Relive the 1959/60 season as the Clarets became champions of England, in the 1959/60 series.

Match 1: Leeds v Burnley
Match 2:Burnley v Everton
Match 3: Burnley v West Ham
Match 4: Everton v Burnley
Match 5: Chelsea v Burnley
Match 6:
Burnley v Preston

Match 7: Burnley v West Brom
Match 8: Preston v Burnley
Match 9: Newcastle United v Burnley
Match 10: Burnley v Birmingham City
Match 11: Tottenham v Burnley (Also Folkestone friendly)
Match 12: Plymouth v Burnley (Neil Dougall Testimonial)
Match 13: Burnley v Blackpool
Match 14:
 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley
Match 15: Burnley v Manchester City( Also Burnley v Gt Britain Olympic Team)
Match 16: Luton Town v Burnley
Match 17: Burnley v Wolves
Match 18: Sheff Wed v Burnley
Match 19:
Burnley v Nottingham Forest
Match 20: Fulham v Burnley
Match 21: Burnley v Bolton
Match 22: Arsenal v Burnley
Match 23: Burnley v Leeds
Match 24: Manchester United v Burnley

Match 25:
Burnley v Manchester United
Match 26: West Ham v Burnley -Plus Lincoln (FAC & FAC Replay)
Match 27:
 Burnley v Chelsea
Match 28: WBA v Burnley -Plus Swansea (FAC & FAC Replay)
Match 29: Burnley v Newcastle -Plus Bradford City (FAC)
Match 30: Bolton v Burnley -Plus Bradford City (FAC Replay)
Match 31:
 Burnley v Tottenham
Match 32: Burnley v Blackburn Rovers
Mtch 32a: Blackburn Rovers  -(FA Cup Quarter Final Edition)
Match 33:
 Burnley v Arsenal
Match 34: Wolverhampton v Burnley
Match 35:
Burnley v Arsenal
Match 36: Burnley v Sheffield Wednesday
Match 37: Nottingham Forest v Burnley
Match 38: Burnley v Leicester City
Match 39: Burnley v Luton Town
Match 40: Leicester City v Burnley
Match 41: Blackpool v Burnley
Match 42: Birmingham v Burnley
Match 43: Burnley v Fulham
Match 44: Man City v Burnley

Summer: USA International Soccer League

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